Solvent Excluded Surface Computation

This server computes the Solvent Excluded Surface of a given set of spheres, for a given probe radius and a triangulation vertex density. The surface is returned as a VRML object. This requires Mosaic's Form capability as well as a VRML browser.

if your browser does not handle VRML and you save the file, rename it from "msmsdemo.cgi" to "myfile.wrl"

NOTE: This is a demonstration version limited to 200 atoms. Binary versions of MSMS are available for free.


Probe radius (0.3 - 10.0): Density (0.5 - 10.0):

Color : R G B

Rendering: None. Solid. Lines. Width Points. Width


You can type or cut and paste atomic coordinates into the TextArea below(max 200 atoms), or you can use the coordinates provided in the following examples:

To submit your computation, press this button: .

To clear the form, press this button: .

Michel Sanner
February 05 23:00 PDT 1996
This work is supported by the following funding agencies/organizations