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Baked clay and velcro secondary structure models (TSRI)

Art Olson, visitor Joel Janin, Elizabeth Getzoff with models of HIV protease, triose phosphate isomerase, and myoglobin.
Myoglobin unfolding
Myoglobin video and tangible models
TIM (Chicken triose phosphate isomerase) and Myoglogin baked clay models
TIM model and textbook
TIM baked clay tangible model
TIM unfolding

Autofabricated models by Timothy Herman and Gunnar Vikberg, Milwaukee School of Engineering Center for BioMolecular Modeling

Nylon sintering (large GFP model) and Z-Corp color (small helix)
Z-Corp perfused with elastic
Z-Corp color
Injection-molded plastic
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Other TSRI Tangible Model photos