1994 Molecular Graphics Art Show

Mary and Leigh Block Gallery
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
July 9-13, 1994

David S. Goodsell, curator
T.J. O'Donnell, juror

The 1994 Molecular Graphics Art Show, held in conjuction with the 13th annual international meeting of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society, presented original works by eighteen artists, chosen for their ability to present the complexity, diversity, and beauty of the molecular world in visual form. Works from a wide range of disciplines were represented, including work by scientists actively involved in structural research, by commercial illustrators presenting these results to students and physicians, and by fine artists exploring the meanings and implications of these molecules in our lives.

The Artists
T.J. O'Donnell
Bettina Brendel - Mike Carson - Marie Dauenheimer - Markus Eng
Simon H. Friedman - Irving Geis - Mike Hann - Teresa A. Larsen
Garrett M. Morris - Arthur J. Olson - Betsy Palay - Michael E. Pique
Jane Richardson - Kenneth A. Satyshur - Lisa A. Shoemaker - Junko Suzuki
David S. Goodsell

Comments from the Juror

The works presented in this show should not be treated as clip art. Copyrights to each of the images remain the property of each individual artist or their assigns. For information on availability of images for publication or personal collection, please contact the curator at goodsell@scripps.edu. Your request will be forwarded to the artist.

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