Volume Rendered Images

Aconitase Active Site
Cavities in the Krebs cycle enzyme aconitase are imaged and colored by electrostatic potential, with negative in red and neutral in white. The completely buried active site is shown, with the enzyme iron-sulfur cluster at one end and a bound sulfate at the other.

© 1992 David S. Goodsell, TSRI

Anti-tumor Drug Density
Experimental electron density for the anti-tumor drug DAPI is colored in green, yellow and white. DNA atoms are shown as spacefilling spheres.

© 1992 Scientific American

Electron microscope reconstruction of adenovirus, showing its icosahedral nature.

© 1992 David S. Goodsell, TSRI

Antibody Electrostatic Potential
The electrostatic potential of an antibody Fab is imaged with positive potential in blue and negative potential in red.

© 1992 David S. Goodsell, TSRI

Antibody Oxygen Affinity
Green surfaces surround regions in the antibody combining site that are attractive to oxygen atoms, such as those at the upper end of the substrate phosphocholine, shown in balls-and-sticks.

© 1990 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Antibody Mid-interfacial Surface
The interface between the light and heavy chains in an antibody Fab fragment is imaged, using a volumetrically defined mid-interfacial surface. The surface, which is everywhere midway between the two chains, is colored by the distance to the closest atom at each point, with regions of closest contact in red. The molecule is dumbell shaped, with few restraints in its center.

© 1992 David S. Goodsell, TSRI