Resources for Biomolecular Illustration and Education

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Molecular Viewers

RasMol--my personal favorite for a general-purpose molecular viewer.
Chemscape Chime--a general-purpose molecular viewer used in many WWW applications
Molscript--program for creating high-quality molecular illustrations
VMD--recommended by Cameron Bowyer (Carbon Digital Media) as a good way to create VRML and stl files from PDB coordinates, for use in 3D rendering and animation packages--works on a mac!
ProDrug--a nice little server for generating coordinates of small molecules
see also the list of software at the Protein Data Bank

Molecular Coordinates

Protein Data Bank
Nucleic Acids Database
HIV Protease Database

Tips from Illustrators

Visualizing Molecules in Cinema 3D. Nick Woolridge at University of Toronto. Step-by-step instructions for going from PDB coordinate files to rendered images, with outlines.
VMD outline rendering style. John Stone at the University of Illinois gives a recipe for creating non-photorealistic images using VMD.