Inside a Eukaryotic Cell

The image below is a panoramic view of the interior of a eukaryotic cell, such as a cell from your own body. The area covered is shown in the schematic map to the right. The panorama starts at the cell surface, passes through an area of cytoplasm, then follows the synthesis of proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum, through the Golgi, and into a coated vesicle. At the center of the panorama is a mitochondrion, generating energy for the cell. The final region passes into nucleus. All macromolecules are shown, with proteins in blue, DNA and RNA in red and orange, lipids in yellow, and carbohydrates in green. Ribosomes, composed of RNA and protein, are colored magenta. In a real cell, the spaces between each macromolecule are filled with small molecules, ions and water.

Rendered in watercolor on Arches paper.

Published in Moran, L.A. and Scrimgeour K.G. (1994) "Biochemistry"
Neil Patterson Publishers /Prentis Hall, North Carolina.
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