Mycoplasma mycoides

Watercolor by David S. Goodsell, 2011

In collaboration with Field Test Independent Film Corps, I created a painting of an entire Mycoplasma mycoides cell. The cell shown here is about 300 nanometers in diameter, which is at the small end of the range of observed sizes. As in my other work, I have tried to include all of the macromolecules at reasonable locations and concentrations, and with the actual shapes and sizes. Small molecules like sugars, ATP and water are not shown.

Click the picture above for a high resolution version of the paintings. This illustration is available for use--please acknowledge me with something like: "Illustration by David S. Goodsell, the Scripps Research Institute," and I would appreciate a copy of any publications where it is used.


Protein synthesis (labels in black)

1. DNA
2. DNA polymerase
3. single-stranded-DNA binding protein (protects single-stranded portions during replication)
4. RNA polymerase
5. messenger RNA
6. ribosome
7. transfer RNA (in pink) and elongation factor Tu (in blue)
8. elongation factor Tu and Ts
9. elongation factor G
10. aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
11. topoisomerases
12. Rec system for DNA repair: a) RecA, b) RecBC
13. chaperonin GroEL (helps folding of new proteins)
14. proteasome ClpA (destroys old proteins)

Enzymes for energy production (labels in red)

15. glycolytic enymes
16. pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Membrane proteins (labels in blue)

17. ATP synthase
18. secretory proteins
19. sodium pump
20. zinc transporter
21. magnesium transporter
22. ABC transporter (different ABC transporters transport different types of molecules-ABC is short for "ATP-binding cassette")
23. magnesium transporter
24. lipoglycan (long carbohydrate chains connected to lipid in the membrane)