Biomolecular Illustration and Education

Biological systems are a source of constant amazement for me. I use a combination of hand-drawn and computer graphics illustrations to reveal the invisible world of molecules inside cells. Computer graphics is a perfect way to display the atomic details of biological molecules. Using experimental coordinates determined by x-ray crystallography or other methods, we can see the position of every atom, and examine how they work together to catalyze a reaction or carry genetic information. To explore the environment inside cells, where millions of biomolecules work together to perform the daily tasks of life, I use hand-drawn illustrations in ink and watercolor. By using hand-drawn illustrations, I can easily bring together information from many sources and combine them into a single image.

The links below lead to examples of my work, and places where my work has been used in scientific education and outreach.

Molecules in Cells
Illustrations for Public Use
"The Molecular Perspective"
Volume Rendered Images
Walk-through-cell Exhibit at the Columbus Center
Resources for Illustrators