Curriculum vitae

David S. Goodsell


Personal Statement

I currently hold a dual appointment as Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at the Scripps Research Institute and Research Professor at Rutgers State University. I divide my time between research and science outreach. My research centers on methods for predicting and analyzing biomolecular complexes, and application of these methods to drug discovery, drug design, and protein function prediction. Current work includes development of AutoDock, the most widely-used computational docking program in the scientific community, and application to HIV drug resistance. In my science outreach work, I have developed new visual methods for exploring molecular and cellular structure. This includes two decades of work on depiction of the cellular mesoscale, and development of non-photorealistic rendering methods for molecular and cellular subjects. I currently author a monthly column at the RCSB Protein Data Bank that presents molecular structure and function for general audiences, and I have written three general-interest books on molecular biology, cell biology and bionanotechnology. I have also collaborated with science museums, filmmakers, educators and popular authors on the creation of educational and outreach materials.



University of California at Irvine, B.S. in Chemistry, 1982.

University of California at Irvine, B.S. in Biology, 1982.

University of California at Los Angeles, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, 1987.


Professional Experience

Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California at Los Angeles, 1982-1987. Graduate Advisor: Richard E. Dickerson.

Research Associate, Department of Molecular Biology, Research Institute of Scripps Clinic, 1987-1990. Postdoctoral Advisor: Arthur J. Olson.

Scientific Associate, Department of Molecular Biology, Research Institute of Scripps Clinic, 1990-1992. Postdoctoral Advisor: Arthur J. Olson.

Assistant Researcher, Molecular Biology Institute, University of California at Los Angeles, 1992-1994. Research Director: Richard E. Dickerson.

Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, 1994-2001.

Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, 2001-2006.

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Department of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, 2006-2013.

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, 2013-present.

Research Professor, Center for Integrative Proteomics Research, Rutgers State University of New Jersey, 2016-present.


Awards and Honors

Distinguished Teaching Award -- Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California at Los Angeles, 1983.

Vesalius Trust Frank Netter Award for Special Contributions to Health Science Education, 1999, for "The Machinery of Life."

Association of Medical Illustrators Literary Award, 2000, for "Illustrating the Machinery of Life."

Best Wide Age Appeal Award, SIGKIDS at SIGGRAPH, 2003, for "Chemystery."

Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, 2003, National Science Foundation, Second Place in Illustration, for "Macrophage and Bacterium, 2,000,000X." See Science 301, pg. 1477, 2003.

Art in Crystallography Prize, 2005, American Crystallographic Association, First Place, for "Blood 2,000,000X."

Overall Winner, 2016, Wellcome Image Awards, for "Ebola Virus 2,000,000X".


Sources of Support

Predoctoral Trainee, USPHS National Research Service Award GM-07104, 1983-1985.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research Fund Fellow DRG 972, 1988-1990.

Co-principal Investigator, "From Atoms to Cells: Multiscale Computational Integration of Sequence, Structure and Assembly." Department of Energy, Office of Energy Research, DE-FG03-96EK62272 (Olson PI), 1996-2000.

Co-principal Investigator, "Drug Design Cycle Targeted to Retroviral Protease." National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, 2P01 GM48870 (Olson PI), 1997-2007.

Principal Investigator, "A Database of General Biomolecular Information for Education." National Science Foundation, DBI-9904796, 1999-2002.

Co-Principal Investigator, "Tangible Interfaces for Research in Molecular Biology." National Institutes of Health, R33 EB00798 (Olson PI), 2001-2005.

Co-principal Investigator, "Computer-linked Auto-fabricated Models for Education in Molecular Biology." National Science Foundation, EIA 0121282 (Olson PI), 2001-2005.

Co-principal Investigator, "A Computational Docking Resource for Cancer Research." National Institutes of Health, R24 CA95830 (Olson PI), 2002-2007.

Consultant, "Macromolecular Structure Database." National Science Foundation, DBI 03-12718 (Berman PI), 2005-2008.

Consortium Principal Investigator, "Using Physical Models to Enhance Biomolecular Education." National Science Foundation, DUE-0442409 (Herman PI), 2005-2006.

Co-principal Investigator, "Active Learning Modules for the Molecular Biosciences." National Science Foundation, DUE-0618668 (Herman PI), 2006-2009.

Co-principal Investigator, "Resistance Driven Structural Design for HIV Therapies." National Institute of General Medical Sciences, P01 GM083658-04 (Olson PI), 2008-2012.

Consultant, "Connecting Research Labs and Classrooms: A Role for Physical Modeling Projects in the Undergraduate Curriculum." National Science Foundation, DUE-1022793 (Herman PI), 2010-2013.

Co-principal Investigator, "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Biological Energy Transfer – Cross-Institutional Collaboration and Adaptation." National Science Foundation, DUE-1044898 (Batiza PI), 2011-2014.

Principal Investigator, "The Protein Structure Initiative Knowledgebase." National Institutes of General Medical Sciences, U01 GM093324-02, Sub-project ID 5910, 2011-2012.



Co-principal Investigator, "AutoDock Software Development and Maintenance." National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, RO1 GM069832 (Olson PI), 2004-2017.

Consultant, "PDB Management by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics." National Science Foundation, DBI 08-29586 (Berman PI), 2009-2016.

Co-investigator, "HIV Macromolecular Interactions and Impact on Viral Evolution of Drug Resistance." National Institutes of Health, 1P51 GM103368-01 (Olson, PI), 2012-2017.


Professional Activities

Panels and Boards

Special Emphasis Panel, Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence, National Center for Research Resources, June 18-20, 2000.

Workshop on "Application of Structural Biology in Cancer Biology," National Cancer Institute, December 11-12, 2000.

Vesalius Trust Board, 2002-2006.

National Nanotechnology Initiative Grand Challenge Workshop Series: Nanotechnology in Space Exploration, NASA, August 24-26, 2004.

Workshop on "Unlocking the Protein Data Bank," Vivid Ideas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, May 30, 2014.


Selected Speaking Engagements

Keynote Speaker, "Molecular Graphics: Making Biology Accessible." Computational Chemistry Conference, C S U Fullerton, California, January 1994.

Opening Speaker, "Illustration of Macromolecular Size, Shape & Distribution." Gordon Research Conference on Enzyme Organization and Cell Function, Oxnard, California, January 1995.

Tutorial, "Bio-Nanotechnology: Lessons from Nature." 7th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, Santa Clara, California, October 1999.

Plenary Speaker, "Illustrating the Machinery of Life." Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference (BioComm 2000), Rochester, Minnesota, July 2000.

Samson Feldman Visiting Scholar in Art as Applied to Medicine, "Art as Applied to Molecular Medicine." The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, April 2002.

Invited Speaker, "Exploring the PDB." Symposium on "The Protein Data Bank in the Classroom and Beyond," ASBMB Annual Meeting, April 2005.

Plenary Speaker, "Visual Methods from Atoms to Cells." M2Cell Workshop, Scientific Foundation Fourmentin-Guilbert, Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, France, December 2005.

Session X Speaker on the Frontiers of Materials Research, "Visual Methods at the Nanoscale." Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco, April 2006.

Invited Speaker, "Visual Representation from Atoms to Cells: New Work from the Machinery of Life." Symposium "Have you ever seen a molecule? Art, science and visual communication," CRASSH, Cambridge, March 2010.

Plenary Speaker, "Modeling the Complexity of Life from Atoms to Cells." St. Olaf Science Symposium, St. Olaf College, Minnesota, May 2010.

Keynote Speaker, "Communicating Biology: Inspirations and Applications." VIZBI 2012, EMBL, Germany, March 2012.

Invited Lecturer with Student Workshop, "Visual Methods from Atoms to Cells." Course on "Analogous Thinking in the Arts and Sciences," University of Florida, March 2012.

Invited Speaker, "Depicting Cellular Environments: Preparation and Process." SCIVIZ, Medical Museion and Aarhus University, Copenhagen, September 2012.

Invited Speaker, "Visualizing the Molecular Structure of Cellular Environments." Symposium on "Toward the 3D Virtual Cell," University of California, San Diego, December 2012.

Invited Speaker, "Nature's Nanotech: Exploring Biomolecular Structure and Function at the Protein Data Bank." Singularity University, Moffett Field, California, June 2013.

Keynote Speaker, "Illustrating the Machinery of Life." Biocommunication Academic Meeting, University of Toronto, April 2014.

Signature Speaker, "On Making Science Beautiful." Vivid Ideas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, May 29, 2014.

Keynote Speaker, "Illustrating the Molecular Anatomy of the Cell." American Association of Anatomists, Medical College of Wisconsin, October 3, 2015.


Editorial and Curatorial Service

Curator, Molecular Graphics Art Show, Mary and Leigh Block Gallery, Northwestern University, Chicago. July 7-14, 1994. Held in association with the 13th annual meeting of the Molecular Graphics Society. Catalogue available at

Curator, Second Molecular Graphics Art Show, Fleet Space Theatre and Science Center, San Diego, California. December 1, 1998 to January 15, 1999. Held in association with the 17th annual meeting of the Molecular Graphics and Modeling Society. Catalogue available at

Editor, Section on Cancer Biology, The Oncologist, Alpha Med Press, Miamisburg, Ohio, 2002-2007.

Editorial Advisory Board, Letters in Drug Design and Discovery, Bentham Science Publishers, 2003-2006.

Editor, "The Future of HIV-1 Therapeutics: Resistance is Futile?" Curr. Top. Microbiol. Immunol. 389, 2015.



Artistic and Scientific Consultant, Walk-through-cell exhibit. Hall of Exploration, Columbus Center, Baltimore MD, 1994-1997.

Scientific Consultant, Virtual Explorer. Kent Wilson, Department of Chemistry, University of California at San Diego, CA, 1995-1997.

Consultant in Bionanotechnology, 2015 Future Threat Technologies Panel, CIA Headquarters, MD, August 4, 2000.

Scientist-in-Residence, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, 2001-2002.

Thinking Partner, NSF Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, 2005-2008.

Artist in Residence and Gallery Talk, The Art of Systems Biology & Nanoscience, 333 Montezuma Arts and University of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2014.

Visiting Artist, iNANO Visualization Lab and Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, May 2015.



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