Cell Voyage at the (now defunct) Columbus Center

I had the fortune to be included in an ambitious project at the Columbus Center in Baltimore. The Columbus Center was a science museum associated with the National Center for Marine Biotechnology Research and Education. The museum occupied a beautiful building attached to the research center, with a view of the Baltimore waterfront. Unfortunately, the museum closed due to financial difficulties within a year of opening. Last time I was in Baltimore (summer 1999) the exhibit was partially dismantled.

The project that I worked on was the "Cell Voyage." This exhibit modelled a cell at 3,000,000X magnification. The surface of the cell was textured to represent the many proteins extending from the cell membrane, and a tunnel through the cell and a large backlit cross section revealed the inner structure. Throughout the exhibit, the cell was painted to reveal individual molecules performing their various tasks. The exhibit was fabricated by Academy Studios in Novato, California, and constructed on site in Baltimore.

My paintings and designs.

The Final Exhibit.