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"Nature" is what we see -
The Hill - the Afternoon -
Squirrel - Eclipse - the Bumble bee -
Nay - Nature is Heaven -
Nature is what we hear -
The Bobolink - the Sea -
Thunder - the Cricket -
Nay - Nature is Harmony -
Nature is what we know -
Yet have no art to say -
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.
		Emily Dickinson

I got to talk a bit about my paintings with Brian Bartel and Dale Basler in an interview for "Lab Out Loud," a podcast presented by the National Science Teachers Association.

I did a series of paintings entitled "Nanotransport" for an artist-in-residence program at 333 Montezuma Arts in Santa Fe. The paintings are currently available from the gallery on Artsy.

Dan Klionsky directed a creative collaboration to explore the process of autophagy, which brought together choreographer and videographer Peter Sparling, composer Wendy Lee, and myself. The result was a dance performance and a video: "Autophagy Suite: A Moving Diorama in Five Parts." Click on the image above to see it!

I've been working with Ann Batiza's SUN Project on two e-books about electron transfer in mitochondria and chloroplasts. Take a look by clicking on the images above.

As part of the CREST Project, I've been working with the Center for Biomolecular Modeling at MSOE on several projects, including a clickable version of paintings designed by students. The "clickable coated pit" is linked to the image above.

I just did an interview with Zygote Quarterly, a new online journal devoted to the "nexus science and design as they meet in the sphere of biomimicry." Click to take a look...

I just completed a painting of an entire Mycoplasma cell. Click here for more information.

3-D Molecular Designs is offering posters of paintings from "The Machinery of Life." Click here for more information.

The new edition of "The Machinery of Life" is now available--click here for information.

I am writing a series of papers in the journal "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education" that describe the science behind the illustrations in the book. Here are the ones that are published so far:
A nice editorial by Judy and Don Voet about the series of articles
Neuromuscular Synapse
Escherichia coli

Click here if you want to add this Molecule of the Month widget to your WWW site.

Click here to see my new series on featured structures at the PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase.

"Molecular Machinery: A Tour of the Protein Data Bank," a poster showing a selection of molecules, is available online.

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