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Molecular Art

Journal Covers

Interstitial mirror images.
© 1987 Garrett M. Morris.
I created the cover image of two laminated, inter-penetrating, mirror image, tetrahedra, for the journal "Tetrahedron: Asymmetry" way back in the late 1980s, for one of my old organic chemistry lecturers, Steve Davies, who also happens to be one of the editors.
Through the Looking Glass...
© 1992 Arthur J. Olson, Yng Chen 
& Garrett M. Morris.
This is the cover of Science, 5 June, 1992, showing the structure of the mirror-image (D-amino acid) HIV-1 protease synthesized here at the Scripps Research Institute.
More Than A Thousand Words
© 1994 Arthur J. Olson
& Garrett M. Morris.
This is the cover of Science News, 19 November, 1994, showing a visualization of an AutoDock docking of a protease inhibitor.

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