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Releases of AutoDock 4.2.1 and MGLTools 1.5.4 and User Forum

by sargis last modified 2012-01-11 16:26

We are pleased to announce candidate releases of AutoDock and AutoDockTools software, as well as a new MGL Forum. After a period of review and feedback from the community, official releases will be made.

AutoDock 4.2.1 release candidate 1: available from
Changes in AutoDock4.2:

  • Improved methods for local search
  • More stable model for the unbound state
  • Bug fixes

AutoDockTools 4.2: available in MGLTools 1.5.4 Release Candidate 1 from
Changes in AutoDockTools (ADT):

  • New default settings for creating grid and docking parameter files.
  • AutoLigand automatically available
  • Bug fixes

MGL Forum: available fromĀ new forum provides our user community with an organized infrastructure for discussion and mutual assistance. There are different forum rooms for each of the MGL programs, as well as general discussions on docking related topics. All topics and forum threads are indexed and searchable.

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