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Current Members

Name: Title: Email: Phone: Room:
olson.jpeg Arthur J. Olson, Ph.D. MGL Director; Professor, Dept of ISCB olson -at- (858) 784-9702 MB112
Michael Pique Michael E. Pique Director, Graphics Development mp -at- (858) 784-9775 MB112
goodsell.jpg David S. Goodsell, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Molecular Biology goodsell -at- (858) 784-2839 MB112
sanner.jpg Michel Sanner Ph.D. Associate Professor of Molecular Biology sanner -at- (858) 784-7742 MB102
forli.jpg Stefano Forli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of ISCB forli (858) 784-2055 MB112
bob.jpg Bob Rosenstein, Ph.D. Visiting Investigator rdr -at- (858) 784-2333 MB112
Theresa McCarthy Sr. Research Admin. Assistant theresam -at- (858) 784-2526 MB112
Ludovic.JPG Ludovic Autin, Ph.D. Staff Scientist autin -at - (858) 784-2053 MB112
Pradeep Anand Ravindranath Research Associate pradeep -at - (858) 784-2842 MB112
Pierrick Craveur Research Associate pcraveur -at - (858) 784-2842 MB112
annao.jpg Anna Omelchenko Research Programmer II annao -at- (858) 784-9946 MB102
 Adam_Gardner.JPGAdam_Gardner.JPG Adam Gardner 3D Designer agardner -at- (858) 784-2751 MB112
Brett_Barbaro.jpg Brett Barbaro Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate bbarbaro -at- (858) 784-2202 MB112
RichardBelew.JPEG Richard K. Belew Consultant rbelew -at- (858) 534-2601
Tony_Wong.jpg Tony Wong Research Intern and Webmaster (UCSD) tonywkk -at- (858) 784-9771 MB112C

Former Members

ruth.jpg Ruth Huey, Ph.D. Research Programmer III
Mathieu_Muzic.jpg Mathieu Le Muzic Graduate Student (External)
Daniel_Santiago.JPG Daniel Santiago, Ph.D. Research Associate
Peggy Graber Peggy Graber Senior Research Administrative Assistant III Retired
trott.jpg Oleg Trott, Ph.D. Staff Scientist

sargis.jpg Sargis Dallakyan, Ph.D. 2005-2014 Research Programmer III Joined National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy.
perryman.jpg Alex L. Perryman, Ph.D. 2007-2013 Research Associate Joined Rutgers University-New Jersey Medical School.
Danielson_Matthew.JPG Matthew Danielson, Ph.D. 2011-2013 Research Associate Joined Eli Lilly in 2013.
johnsonG.jpg Graham Johnson 2008-2012 Graduate Student ( Biology)

Medical Illustrator
Joined UCSF in 2012.
jon.jpeg Jon Huntoon
2004-2011 Solid Model Maker
Joined Trackline America LLC in 2011.
keidel.jpg Donald Keidel, Ph.D. 2008-2011 Research Associate Joined eMolecules in 2011.
Rodney Harris, Ph.D. 2005-2010 Research Associate Founded Ten-Sixty in 2010.
vareille.jpg Guillaume Vareille 2005-2009 Research Programmer III Joined SAMTECH in 2009.
no-pict.gif Garrett M. Morris, M.A., D.Phil. 2000-2008 Staff Scientist
1998-2000 Senior Research Associate
1991–1998 Research Associate
Head of Computational Chemistry at Crysalin, Ltd.
gillet.jpg Alex Gillet, Ph.D.
2000-2008 Research Programmer III Joined Illumina as Software Engineer in 2008.
qing.jpg Qing Zhang, Ph.D. 2005-2008 Research Associate
Joined GlaxoSmithKline (Shanghai) as Senior Scientist in 2008.
Yong Zhao, Ph.D. Research Associate Joined CambridgeSoft in 2008.
no-pict.gif William "Lindy" Lindstrom, Ph.D. 2000-2007 Research Associate/LJIS Fellow Joined Acelot, Inc. in 2007.

  • Sowjanya Karnati, former Research Programmer
  • Yunfeng Hu, Ph.D., former Research Associate.
  • Teresa Larsen, Ph.D., former guest scientist.
  • Brian Norledge, Ph.D., former Research Associate.
  • Sophie Coon : former Research Programmer.
  • Chenglong Li, Ph.D.: former Research Associate is now working at the Ohio state University Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
  • Albert Beuscher, Ph.D.: former Research Associate is now working at the Stockholm University Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Daniel Stoffler, Ph.D.: former Research Associate is now working at the Biozentrum, Basel, Switzerland
  • Nathalie Vulliermet, Ph.D.: former Research Associate
  • Shanrong Zhao, Ph.D.: szhao -at-, former Research Associate, is now working for the Egea Biosciences, Inc.
  • Chris Carrillo, former Summer Student and Programmer, is now at Harvard, and has also started, with some friends, his own company, Tenebril.
  • Phong Nguyen, former System Administrator, is now working for NCR.
  • Chris Rosin, Ph.D.: did some consulting for CombiChem, San Diego, CA, and has now started his own company, Parity Computing, with some friends.
  • Boris Reva, Ph.D.: is now working at Novartis, in Summit, NJ.
  • Mohan Srinivasa Rao, Ph.D.: is now working for Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd., in Richmond, Canada.

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