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PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:28 pm 
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Hi all,
This is the second time writing up this post, as I was logged off after writing my first post... thus losing all my work ( I took a while to write the post). Im going to be a bit more brief because of this.

I’m having trouble making a silent installer for MGLTools. The typical silent switches are not working. MGLTools silent switches are not working either.
1. I originally tried the following command “mgltools_win32_1.5.6_Setup.exe /s”. This failed and gave me the following error. Attached as “Silent install issue1”.
2. I then tried to generate a response file using the following command, “mgltools_win32_1.5.6_Setup.exe /r”. This failed with the following error. Attached as “Silent install issue2”. I learned from the error that mgltools uses its own record switch called “/save-response-file”.
3. I used this new switch in the following command, “mgltools_win32_1.5.6_Setup.exe /save-response-file C:\workingtemp\response.txt”. I went through the installation as normal and the response file was filled with options I specified. On a clean machine, I tried installing MGLTools using the response file, with the following command “mgltools_win32_1.5.6_Setup.exe /response-file C:\workingtemp\response.txt”. There was a problem, the installation started as normal and my options were not applied to the installation. Attached is a picture of my response file, commandline and the installation menu that appeared. Attached as “Silent install Issue4”.
4. I finally was able to get MGLTools to install silently using the following method. Install MGLTools as you normally would on a computer. Copy the “C:\Program Files(x86)\MGLTools-1.5.6” folder and make a self extracting archive. On a clean machine, have the archive extract to the “Program files(x86)” folder. Make shortcuts for “ccad.bat”, “adt.bat” and “pmv.bat”. On clicking the shortcut, the batch file is ran, and the specified program starts.

Now, I have little or no idea how to use these applications. Using my method, is there a possibility that I may have installed one of these applications incorrectly.

My method is more of a parlor trick. I would like to know the actual way to install MGLTools silently.

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