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Getting Started

To access ark cluster run the following command:
ssh ark111
Windows user: please read How can I SSH from Microsoft Windows?
When prompted for password use your TSRI password. Contact to request an account if needed.
If you are planning to use this often, consider setting up SSH without password. Here is how: run these commands from your local machine.
ssh-keygen -t rsa 
cp ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Running Jobs Using PBS

There is plenty of documentation available on Portable Batch System so here we'll cover details relevant for ark cluster. First of all, pbs clients are running on all nodes but ark10, which runs pbs server. Second, /home folder from ark10 is mounted on all nodes under /home. /usr/local from ark10 is mounted on all nodes as /ark/local. Note that autofs does on-demand mounting so 'ls /ark' might not show local folders but, for instance, 'ls /ark/local' will.

Administrative Notes

Useful Links:
Useful Commands:
for a in `cat hosts`; 
do echo $a; ssh $a "ssh-keygen; cd .ssh; wget www/~USER/authorized_keys"; done
for a in `cat hosts`; do echo $a; scp pbs_mom root@$a:/etc/init.d/pbs_mom; done
pdsh -w ssh:ark[01-120]
pdsh -w ssh:ark[01-100,102-107,109-120]
Further Readings:
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